Welcome to St. Anthony’s Parish

Welcome to St. Anthony’s! Glad you stopped by. Our Parish is active and flourishing and fundraisers are in the making to help keep our Parish growing and thriving. We welcome all talents and gifts God has inspired in you, and your financial support is very much appreciated. Stop by the church to pray, sit quietly or speak with Fr. Andrew. You are always welcome and invited!


Tickets are now on sale for our Fall Festival coming up on October 24th from 4 – 7 pm on the church grounds. There will be wine tasting from 4-6 pm with hors d’oeuvres, local artists including works by Dan Harris, Michael Pieretti, Greg Mitchell, Betty Werhan, Lynn Ortega, Tallie Matsuoka Pagano, Phylis Crane, Victoria Ferrari and more. Chicken BBQ will be from 5 – 7 pm.  Ticket prices are $35 for Wine Tasting and BBQ, $25 for Wine tasting only, $12 for Adults BBQ only, and $5 for Children BBQ only. A fun time for the whole family!

May your 2015 Year be filled with blessings and opportunities to connect with family, friends and the Lord Jesus Christ.  


securedownload (2)St. Mary’s Prayer Garden is completed. This photo was taken in April 2014, when the garden was first planted. Come by and see the change in growth, and may you experience growth in your faith. You are always welcome to come by and stay a while.

St. Anthony’s in Walnut Grove, CA, and Saint Therese in Isleton, CA. are the Delta Catholic Parishes led by Father Andrzej Koziczuk (Fr. Andrew). See his message

St. Therese Mass Schedule/Horario de la Misa: Daily Mass: Thurs & Fri. 8:30 am Adoration: Friday 9:00-10:00 Saturday/Sabado: Confession 4:00 pm Rosary 4:30 pm Mass 5:00 pm Sunday/Domingo: English 10:45 am Spanish 12:00 pm

St. Anthony’s Daily Mass: Tues and Wed. 8:30 am Saturday/Sabado Confession: 9 am, Mass (Spanish) 7 pm Sunday/Domingo: English 9 am


                    St. Anthony’s Parish                                                          St. Therese Parish                               Parish Council Chair –Charlie Lancaster                            Parish Council Chair  —Jack Korteum—- Finance Council Chair: Vacant                                              Finance Council Chair —                                Director of Religious Education–  Cathy Baranek    Director of Religious Education–Ligaya Appalit   


St. Anthony’s is located at  14012 Walnut Ave,  Walnut Grove CA 95690   (916) 776 1330   Map to St. Anthony’s in Walnut Grove, CA  
St. Therese is located at 100 Fourth St, Isleton CA 95641                       (916) 777- 6871  Map to St Therese in Isleton, CA  

  See our St. Anthony’s Parish Life page for information or Purchase a Garden Brick on how you can order a brick with your name to be placed in the garden soon.

You have a reserved seat in the Lord’s house of worship. Come to mass and let your burdens be lifted.

May Jesus Christ be Praised! This is our greeting from old time when Catholics realized that everything should be for the glory of God and greeted each other in this way. With His Spirit and Love we can grow trusting in Him totally.
He paid a debt he didn’t owe, because we owed a debt we couldn’t pay

When we enter the church we sign the cross on our body dipping the tips of our fingers in the bowl of the Holy water. In this way, we remind ourselves about our Baptism. Through the Sacrament of Baptism we enter into the Spiritual life of Jesus, and into His Church in the way handed down to us by Jesus Himself through his chosen Apostles and spiritual leaders of the Catholic faith through the ages. And so we are in His Church in St. Anthony’s and St. Therese’s in Isleton. Welcome everyone!         Everything for His Glory,SAMSUNG Father Andrzej Koziczuk524501_4184303242089_1576083534_n[1] Fr Andrew and Ron Squaglia seal the statueDSCN2470 See our St. Mary’s Garden of Prayer  come to life! Ron Squaglia seals in the new statue placed August 11, 2012. Stop by and see the St. Mary’s Garden of Prayer develop. Click on the picture for details on how you can purchase a brick that will be placed with your name in the brick path coming soon.


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